Who we are


Margaret Weymes
BSc Counselling & Psychotherapy

Additional Qualifications Include:

• NLP Master Practioner
• Cert. Rape Crisis Centre
• Child Protection Training
• Certified Mediator MII (Mediator’s Institute of Ireland)
• Athena Mediation – Additional Training for Family Mediation
• Process/Couple
• Dynamics

Accredited Member of the Irish Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy

As an accredited member of the IACP, strictly abides by their Code of Ethics.


Danielle McClafferty
Degree in Addiction Studies – Addiction Training Institute
Advanced Diploma Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy – All Hallows


• Coolmine Residential Treatment Centre
• Facilitated groups and workshops
• Merchants Quay – Project Worker
• Promotion of harm reduction around drug use, crisis intervention, needle exchange and informal counselling in Day Centre.
• HSE;  Addiction Counsellor-Stanhope Centre
• Facilitation groups, presenting educational lectures and individual counselling.
• Kildare Street Clinic
• Treating Eating Disorders


Zita Stanley
Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner
Practicing in Limerick and Dublin.
Graduated from the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy with an Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy and has at her disposal numerous tools to help clients to overcome anger.

Post Graduate Training:

• Neurology of Suggestion;
• Anger Management;
• Stress Management;
• Creative Analytical Therapy;
• Eating Disorders & Weight Loss;
• Smoking Cessation.

Hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) cannot claim to be a magic cure all. As a NLP (neuro linguistic) practitioner, I am your guide to your subconscious mind but I cannot make you change nor do I have any power over you nor am I a mind reader. Your subconscious mind has formed the habit or learned response and change will only occur when the reasons for wanting to change are more powerful than what is already present. My aim is to give you clarity on what you want to achieve, exercises on how to achieve and maintain the change.

To create everlasting change you must:

• Decide on what you want.  What will it mean to you to achieve this?  This is your why. What happens to your life if you stay as you are?

• Focus on the steps that are required to achieve this goal.  What obstacles are in your way/what obstacles may come up?  How do you overcome them.  What resources do you have have already? What resources do you need e.g. people (me), skills (I can help you) and organisations?

• Achieving your goal requires action.  How many self help books have you read and thought “that’s great” and then left it on your bookshelf to gather dust?  You need to apply what you know and take action.  If nothing changes internally or externally, then nothing changes.
If stress, anxiety, anger (whatever name you call it) is affecting you and your relationships, please let me help you to improve your coping strategies so that the places, people and situations that previously caused you to feel stressed will now just calm you.

Your treatment is tailored to suit your needs.  It is not about you fitting a treatment model.  All sessions are confidential.

My therapy is not just for adult men and women.  I treat children from the age of 8 so if your child has any issues with anger, school problems, bedwetting, being bullied, then consider hypnosis which is perfect for children as their imaginations are so vivid.