Here are a few strategies to help you overcome those feelings.

Get up early.

Become a master at belly breathing.
Those nice deep breaths will help to ground you.

Do not believe every thought and feeling that you have.
Understand that you created them and so can obliterate them too if they do not serve you well. Become an ANTeater, watch out for thos ANT’s (automatic negative thoughts).

Exercise 4/5 times week.
You will be surprised at how good you feel after.

Diet matters.
Plan your meals.

Meditate to calm the emotional centres of your brain and to encourage a more relaxed state. If you want to avoid or lessen the medications you are on for anxiety or depression, use; Meditation Physical Exercise Proper Nutrition ANT-eater techniques above.

Continue to build positive relationships in your life.
Practice clear communication, co-operation and forgiveness.

Get professional help if you need to.